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Gorgeous Monica Santhiago is back with another hardcore interracial fuck. She had a crush for this ripped black guy that went to the same gym with her. She never had the gut to make any move because she always saw him leave with his girlfriend home. But in the past two weeks he keep on going alone to his home so she assumed he broke up with him. Now she had a real chance at him and didn’t want to miss it. So at their next training session she went to him and started talking. After their workout they went together home and started knowing each other much better.


She wasn’t actually so interested about his life as much as she was interested in getting in his pants. So the next weekend she invited him at her place to watch a movie. She knew that once he was in her house she would definitely end up riding his tool. During the movie she started getting closer and closer until they started making out. Well from there to the bedroom it wasn’t such a long way. So before you know it she started riding his hard tool stuffing it deep in her pussy. After she finished sucking it of course, she just couldn’t get enough of it. Monica sure know how to pick her men, so don’t miss out updates and we’ll keep you in touch with her latest adventures. Enjoy and check out hot Destiny Dixon's website and have fun watching another gorgeous internet model getting her ass fucked!

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We are back with more Monica Santhiago videos. In this one we have our gorgeous porn star showing off what she knows better, sucking cocks and riding them. The other day she entered in a contest at a car washing shop next to her place. After she did such a great job there, that the manager of the place wanted to see another time her performance, but this time with no witnesses. So Monica took him to place to show off her skills once again. She wasn’t so interested in this guy, but she had he had lots of money so she went with it. She slept with poor guys all the day, it was time for an upgrade.

So once they got there and Monica made him a tour of the place, they went outside near the pool. Monica went and changed in something less comfortable but more slutty to be sure that she has his full attention. She was wearing a pair of extremely short pants and a top that barely covered her juggs, she was looking just the chicks from girlsoutwest galleries. Well dressed like that who wouldn’t notice you. After she showed him her dancing skills it was time to show her sucking and fucking skills as well. So before you know it she started riding his tool and getting his tool stuffed deep in her  holes. Enjoy!



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Another Monica Santhiago interracial scene is here for you guys.She just can’t get enough black cocks in her pussy. As you already noticed she has a thing for black cocks and she couldn’t miss this one. The other day she got a call from one of her friends to met downtown for a gals night out. So she dressed up, put on her sexy red dress, high heels and went there ready for some action. She didn’t knew were their were going out so she was excited when she heard that they were going out in a club. Once she entered everyone was checking her out and the guys just couldn’t stop starring at her delicious curves.


But she was interested only on one guy, that apparently didn’t was too interested in her. So she made sure that she got his attention. She jumped on the bar and started dancing with one of her friends and got what she wanted, everyone in the club was checking her out including her hot stud. So after she finished her number, he offered among others to buy her a drink. But by the end of the night she got that drink at his place, after she got his big black cock shoved deep in her holes. So don’t miss it and stay tuned for more updates! If you liked this cutie check out website and have a great time watching another gorgeous model getting fucked in her juicy pussy!

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As promised we retuned with another Monica Santhiago anal scene. After all those black cocks she needed a break but she still ended up getting roughly fucked. She got a call the other day from her ex boss that wanted to offer her another contract. So she went to his place to talk about her new job offer. Monica knew that her boss had a crush for her since they were working together, but thought that after such a long time he was passed her. After her boss gave her a tour of his new place they stopped on the balcony for a glass of wine. He started explaining her about the job and what she was supposed to do.

Monica listened to him and was relieved that her boss didn’t want more from her. Unfortunately she talked too early and after less then five minutes he started hitting on her. It was clear for her that if she wanted the job she had to sleep with him. It was his lucky night because she kind of needed the job so it didn’t took her too long to end up completely naked and getting his cock shoved in her butthole. It was a crazy night, but Monica got what she wanted after all, her well paid job. Enjoy and if you liked this update check out website and enjoy watching another hot internet model getting her asshole fucked.


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We know you want more Monica Santhiago videos, but today we have instead a hot gallery for you guys. Our naughty babe is up to no good once again. Monica got set up by her friend with this ripped hunk. She didn’t expect it but after she got the call from her friend she just couldn’t say no to her. She appreciated the gesture but she felt kind of embarrassed because she ended up having her friends set her up. Monica asked her all kind of questions and by the looks of it she was going out with a great guy.


They met at this fancy restaurant and after spending a great night together he offered to take her home. Although he has a car they decided to walk and get to know each other better. By the time they arrived to her place she invited him in for another glass. She was so in to this guy that she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to try out his cock. They didn’t even make it to the bedroom and started undressing in the living room. Monica went on her knees and started sucking his hard tool and then getting it shoved deep in her asshole. So don’t miss out Monica getting cock in every hole. If you liked this video come inside website and have fun watching another hottie getting fucked in her tight pussy and ass!

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We all know you guys missed Monica Santhiago ass, so we brought you a hot gallery with it. Monica got invited by friend to his shooting to promote some of their products. Of course she just couldn’t say no after all the help she received from them. Anyways she didn’t have any plans so this should keep her occupied a good part of the day. So she went there and after she decided about her outfit she went outside to take some pictures. It was at this amazing place that had a great view over the city. It seemed like an expensive place so she thought to ask the photographer to take her some pictures for the blog as well.

After she finished the shooting and everyone left she continued with her personal pictures. She started posing in her sexy swim suite and then slowly started to take it off. First her bra showing off her amazing curves and her impressive knockers and continued with her panties. she knows how much you guys like her sexy ass so she took many pictures of it. Don’t miss out the entire gallery and stay tuned for more hot updates. Don’t forget that you can find similar galleries inside website so check it out and enjoy watching another hottie getting naked in front of the cam!


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Did you enjoy our previous Monica Santhiago videos? I’m sure you did! If in her previous gallery she gave us a close up at her sexy ass, today you are in for a hardcore fucking scene. But let me tell you how she got here. She got some problems the other day with her cable and because she didn’t have any man around the house she gave a call to a specialist to take a better look. A friend once told her that some cute guys are working at her cable company but she always got visited by old guys. Well her luck is going to change in this afternoon! She gave them a call, like I said earlier, and in half an hour they sent someone over to her place to take a better look at her problem.


When she heard the door bell she was sure it was going to be an old guy, but surprise! At her doorstep she had this young black guy. She invited him in and after she finished his work she said that she didn’t have any cash money. Actually Monica wanted to pay him in a different way and by the looks of it he agreed to the new payment system. It didn’t took them too long to get in the bedroom, where Monica started showing off her skills. After she finished sucking his tool, she started riding his big black cock over and over again. If you liked this update and if you are looking for similar videos and picture galleries come inside blog and enjoy watching other cutie fucking big cocks!

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As promised we returned with another Monica Santhiago anal scene. She just couldn’t keep this scene just for herself so here it is. She went a few days ago in a club and met this black guy she really liked,but that night she didn’t got the chance to talk with him. He left until she got the gut to go talk with him. So she kept on going there until she finally found him there. He was corned by his friends, so she took her girlfriends with her and went there. They picked their guys and finally Monica got to talk with him. They got along pretty well, but he made the worst jokes. But that didn’t matter for her, because she only wanted to get a ride on his cock.


So she took him home to see if she still could pick them well. They didn’t waste any time and jumped right to the fun part. They ripped each other clothes off and started fucking and sucking all over the place. Monica got on her knees and started sucking his fat cock until she got all covered with nasty jizz. Then she got his hard cock shoved in her holes one by one. First she got the black monster cock stuffed in her pussy and then in her tight butthole as well. Enjoy and don’t forget to visit website if you wanna see another cutie taking big black dicks in her pussy and ass!


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We know how much you missed Monica Santhigo oiled ass, so today you are in a treat. She got a rough pounding last night and she wanted to share with you guys some of the pictures. She got an unexpected visit from one of her ex and ended up doing much more that chatting. After they went out for dinner they bought a bottle of red wine and went to Monica’s place to drink it. After they all got dizzy things spiced up a bit and before you know it their were both in the shower.


After she got her pussy stuffed by his hard cock she continued her hardcore action on the deck. She grabbed her lotions and after she got her delicious curves massaged and oiled she got his big cock shoved deep in her holes once again. She just couldn’t get enough off his hard cock it was like the olds days when she was dating him. Fucking and sucking all day long. So don’t miss out the entire gallery and we’ll be back next time with more. Until then check out another slutty babe like Monica fucking and sucking big dicks inside website. Enjoy and stay tuned for more updates!


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After all those Monica Santhiago videos I’m sure you guys missed a hot gallery with her. Monica got herself another black hunk for the night. But from the looks of it, this might be a keeper! Monica got along from the beginning with him, although she found him in a club, he isn’t the player type. After a few dates they had Monica thought it might be the time for the final test. It was the first time for here when she went out with a guy without sleeping with him by the end of the date.


He didn’t pressure her at all, so Monica wanted to show him what he was loosing. The next day she invited him at her place for dinner and served the dessert in her bedroom. She got completely naked and started sucking his big black cock and she didn’t stop until she got all covered with creamy loads of cum all over her pretty face. So don’t miss her out in action. Stay tuned we’ll be back next time with more updates. If you liked this cutie come inside website and enjoy watching another hot amateur sucking big cocks!

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