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As promised we retuned with another Monica Santhiago anal scene. After all those black cocks she needed a break but she still ended up getting roughly fucked. She got a call the other day from her ex boss that wanted to offer her another contract. So she went to his place to talk about her new job offer. Monica knew that her boss had a crush for her since they were working together, but thought that after such a long time he was passed her. After her boss gave her a tour of his new place they stopped on the balcony for a glass of wine. He started explaining her about the job and what she was supposed to do.

Monica listened to him and was relieved that her boss didn’t want more from her. Unfortunately she talked too early and after less then five minutes he started hitting on her. It was clear for her that if she wanted the job she had to sleep with him. It was his lucky night because she kind of needed the job so it didn’t took her too long to end up completely naked and getting his cock shoved in her butthole. It was a crazy night, but Monica got what she wanted after all, her well paid job. Enjoy and if you liked this update check out website and enjoy watching another hot internet model getting her asshole fucked.


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